For the last three years I have had the idea to create, for lack of better term, dog food for people. A sort of kibble that had all of of your daily nutrients, was simple, and that could just be ‘poured out’ and eaten. It would be simple, cost-effective, and ideally not actually taste like dog food. This past weekend, I have made my vision into reality. [click to continue…]


Fact: we all have busy lives. Try and recall the last time you ever just sat there and said, I have nothing to do. There is this constant running list of items we keep in our head from the document at work, buying that new pair of pants or killing that spider who has been quietly setting up shop in your bathroom corner for weeks. Without keeping organized, things fall through and don’t get done. So here is my completely non-revolutionary way of making sure I get all my shit done and don’t waste my time worrying about what I have to do at any given moment. [click to continue…]


Years ago I had to spend my time explaning what AdWords was to a business and why they would benefit from it. Thankfully, those days are long gone but we are now at a point where it isn’t enough to just have a basic AdWords campaign running. Here are 3 ways to increase your ROI on whatever sized ad budget you are working with. [click to continue…]